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Jewish Federation of the Greater East Bay

Rebrand for the Jewish Federation of the Greater East Bay foundation. One of the most well-established Jewish organizations in California. The initial rebrand work includes logo, web site, and annual report.
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Fox Sports Think Soccer Campaign

Commission by the Fox Sports Channel. This initial branding discovery intents to introduce the world’s most popular sport to Fox’s American audiences. I provided various promotional campaign ideas, contents & illustration works.
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Dark Energy Experimental Arts

A 3-part experimental art project includes a web site, a book & an installation. Dark Energy is an illuminous force exists in the universe that cannot be seen and swallows everything in an accelerating rate. I wanted to discover, reflect, and express its sense of blackness, loneliness, and perhaps misunderstood.
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Poetry Book Torn

Torn is inspired by the 1991 film, "Raise the Red Lantern”. The movie depicts the tragic life of a westernized Chinese woman restrained in a strict old-fashion 19th century China. Use film-inspired contents, I designed the book’s typography, daring images, book binding technique to express the film character’s double conflicted life.
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